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I think I remember you--were you the guy I was talking to about headgear? SBGi was so awesome. Victor and Bill are amazing--really good coaches. Everyone was so nice and skilled and fun to work with. I was just disappointed that Matt didn't teach on Thursday...

I know most of the SBGi coaches don't have education backgrounds and yet I saw them practicing what we call scaffolding in the ed world--apply aids to support learning and then gradually remove them once the subject is mastered. There is a four-component model that includes modeling the desired academic behavior, creating a dialogue which includes an exchange of questions, ideas, explanations and feedback, practice and confirmation. It just seems so obvious and intuitive and yet I find myself going to gym after gym after gym in which all the tough guys are so super spastic and try to get a submission as soon as possible using muscle and no technique... I was talking about this with my friend James (who trained with Burton Richardson and is an amazing coach) and he sent me an article today called The Art of the Tap, check it out:

After going to Portland I decided to stop doing MMA at my gym and to only work with James and any other gym I find where people aren't assholes.
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