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I love science. Just another quick question--would you be doing intervals within intervals (I forgot what the cool kids term for that was) for every metcon WOD? When I was running (not that I was getting stellar PP from it, but I did manage to get my 1 mile treadmill time down from 14 minutes to 7 in less than six months) I only did intervals once a week. Then I'd do slow long distance once or twice a week and sprints once or twice a week and throw in a mile run for time every once in a while (and I did pilates and yoga and weight circuits to mix it up). Stop laughing!! Anyways, my point is that I always thought doing intervals would be far too intense for more than just once a week. I'm guessing it's different when you're doing interval WODs because you at least get to do different exercises each time (and anthropological records show us that arthritis never existed until there was specialized treadmilling five days a week made me want to break things) but I just have to wonder whether just the level of intensity would need to be monitored.

Which leads me to another question. Maybe a couple months after I started CF'ing I stopped going through the motions and have tried to have maximum intensity every single time I work out, and I'm starting to question whether that's the best approach. I've gotten really great results, but I am starting to wonder whether varying the intensity might be better. I'll even admit that I'm kind of tired of being sore all the time. Anybody mix things up a bit or is everyone going balls to the wall every single time?

(For the record, I'm not saying I want to go back to half-assed loooong workouts but I'm toying with the idea of throwing in a low-intensity day once a week or something.)
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