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I like the I/O DVD.

The DVD has the material broken into 7 different sections:

Thoracic spine mobility - foam roller work to increase segmental mobility.

Thoracic spine extensibility - countering kyphosis to improve functional scapular position.

Scapular closed chain - serratus anterior activation, etc.

Scapular open chain - increasing the proprioceptive control of scapular position.

Combination scapular-thoracic

Combination scapular-thoracic with hip mobility - if the shoulder has disfunction, often the opposite hip will have issues.

Active wrist mobilization - range of motion work for the wrist.

A bonus section is the Rufus Complex warmup - an extended empty bar O-lift complex. (though the model seems to pull with the arms...)

I found quite a few new ideas, and trying some of the drills pointed out a few movement deficiencies that I still had. I'll be incorporating some of this into my workouts and body maintenance sessions.

The DVD covers similar ground to other DROM programs, but there are significant differences. The joint mobility drills are few and very simple compared with Sonnon's material, or Z-health. Unlike those DVDs however, the I/O program incorporates soft tissue work with the foam roller, and drills from the PT world like PNF patterns.

I think the DVD is definitely worth it, but for sure I'd want to include one of the other joint mobility programs in my training as well.

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