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That's funny, I had the same problem when i went to TJ's yesterday. They only had "light" coconut milk. So I just use twice as much.

Here's a meal replacement shake I used to replace my raw milk/raw eggs/blueberries shake that I'm bored with. This is enough for breakfast for several days (for me, I'm little.) I guess I should add more eggs to this for more protein but I think it's yummy! Sometimes I eat some scrambled eggs too and then just take my shake to work.

2 raw eggs
2 scoops hemp protein and fiber powder
1 bag frozen organic blueberries
1 "green" banana
1 tbsp probiotic BerryGreen powder
2 cans coconut milk
1 tbsp cinnamon-flavored CLO
1 tsp coconut oil
1 tsp or tbsp cacao nibs
1 tsp bee pollen
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