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One can do all intervals, all the time but I think mixing it up is obviously fine. It's important to keep ones goals in mind. Even if general fitness is the main goal one must mix things up and have specific strength/power/skill elements one is working on. A potential template could be:
Day-1 O-lift
Day-2 Metcon (minimize eccentric lower body loading)
Day 3 Gymnastics
Day-4 off.

It seems prudent to plan unloading days/weeks (every 3rd training day or 3rd time you work an element cut the volume in half) and every 3-4 weeks cut volume/ by half and every 12-16 weeks take a full week off. That is a lot to keep track of but I think it almost ensures long term progress and injury/burnout avoidance.
I think yoou will notice also that you will likely be much less cooked from a schedule like this. If you ever need more metcon...add more days.
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