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Default viligo and gluten

I'm John's client with vitiligo. all the research I'm finding is all about repigmentation, when what I'm really interested in learning about is the mention of specific vitamin deficiencies - C, B1, Niacin, B12, Copper, Zinc, other B vitamins- and vitiligo. Is is all down to gluten? since I'm adopted i can't find out if the vitiligo is present in relatives, but I have had it over at least 50% of my body since I was 7. (great for puberty...). I have never had any GI discomfort or diarrhea issues, but i was diagnosed with a B12 deficiency (quite severe). I never had allergies as a kid. I was thin as a rail, and never gained any weight (until the freshman 20) and now I have no problem gaining weight. sigh. I developed terrible allergies and chronic sinus issues in Phoenix (pollution), and my health has deteriorated since then. they throw zyrtec at me, and flonase (can't use that stuff). neti pot has worked the best of anything, but in my job as a choral conductor I am increasingly not able to sing or demonstrate. I am starting on cod liver oil capsules for vitamin D (having stayed out of the sun since I was seven...). I am just throwing all this against the wall to see if it elicits any helpful advice.
thanks to whoever has ideas!
cathy wilson
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