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If you haven't corrected the diagnosed B12 deficiency, get that taken care of.

Sometimes cod liver oil capsules, depending on brand, aren't actually very high in vitamin D. I like the "Blue Ice Gold Therapeutics" CLO from Green Pastures (I take it and carry it in my office). I do think it could be helpful.

I do phone consultations if you are interested.

If you want to test yourself for gluten sensitivity, I highly suggest , while you're getting that you might as well get the other allergens they test for thrown in--dairy, eggs, soy, yeast.

I do believe that Robb's suggestion of insulin sensitivity potentially being a huge factor is likely correct as well.

Dietarily, this will mean:
Gluten-Free diet
Low carb diet (no artificial sweeteners!)
No nightshades (that's my own addition to the list)
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