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Default Arien's weightlifting log

Thought I'd put my log out there to put some pressure on myself to hit my goals

Some history for this log:

I was an endurance athlete from an early age (did 7 mile races from the age of 6 years) and was generally a skinny/fat kid through most of my lift.

Some years of frequent business travel and expense accounts changed skinny/fat to just fat. I topped out at about 205 lbs at 5'11" before I decided I needed to change things.

Discovered low carb living, and through a mixture of cardio work, machine-based strength training, and low carb eating, got my weight down to 185.

Transitioned to free weights in February of last year, and pretty quickly got my weight down to 165, and then grew back to 185, with lower body fat.

My squat has grown from 125# to 230# and my deadlift from 95# to 315#, in a little more than a year.

I got interested in CF about 9 months ago, and through that, in Olympic style weightlifting. I learned form at a class Jim Schmitz taught at Crossfit Oakland, and trained a few times in the training sessions he holds in South SF, but the commute there is hard on my work life, so I mostly train in my home gym. (I'd love to figure out an approach to get more frequent coaching).

My current goal is to snatch my bodyweight and C&J 1.25 BW. My current snatch max is 115 and C&J is 145, so these are somewhat lofty goals.

I've got a couple of (somewhat conflicting) secondary goals: to raise my bodyweight to ~200 and cut bodyfat to <10%, but after playing around with both mass gain and leaning out, I've decided to stick with the strength goal, and let the other two figure themselves out for the time being.
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