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Default CA WOD, last Bulgarian cycle

The last cycle (the one that began Feb 25th, 2008) was absolutely fantastic for me. I loved lifting heavy, hitting singles and generally working the basic lifts all the time.

My snatch went from 95# to 115#. My previous 1RM PR for the power snatch had been 105#. After the last cycle, I can now snatch as much as I can power snatch. I'm hoping another classic lift focused cycle will bring my snatch over my PS.

My jerk went AWOL some time ago, after an ill fated experiment with IF. My basic problem with IF is eating enough -- after an IF session, I basically have no hunger and never catch up the next day. The result, for me, was declines in all my lifts and my jerk especially suffered.

After this cycle, my jerk slowly recovered. At the end of the cycle, I hit a max C&J of 145#. I can basically muscle clean the 145#, so my jerk is still, by far, my limiting factor.

My FS max went from 185# to 190# and my BSQ max went from 225# to 230# (my last BSQ single test was in the context of a CFT many months ago, and the 230# was tested after heavy snatches and cleans, so I probably improved more than that).

Looking to get my FS to 205# this next cycle.
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