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Default CA WOD, current strength cycle

Basic lesson: the combination of tabata squats on Friday (hotel room in the morning), heavy front squats on Saturday, skiing on Sunday and Monday, and heavy back squats Monday night is an absolute killer.

I haven't felt this unrecovered since I started CF about 6 months ago. I've been crashing at work, my quads are all in a knot, and I'm basically enjoying the hell out of the current rest day today.

Yesterday was OK, despite the DOMS I was working through, but Tuesday was just brutal, despite the low weight and volume (I did Monday's WOD at 9PM, and Tuesday's at 7:30 AM). Interesting thing: the front squat 5x2 got easier over the 5 sets, not harder. CNS beats muscle exhaustion, I guess.

My goals for this cycle are to move my FS to 205#, my BSQ to 245# and my jerk to 155#. My snatch and clean can take care of themselves, this cycle. I figure if I can hit the strength numbers above, I'll hit some nice PRs for the next Bulgarian cycle.

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