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Default Best Nutritional Program for Lean Mass Gain

Ok, since this is usually a hot topic let's see what people think.

For lean Mass Gain (where as fat loss is not the primary goal since we are trying to gain lean muscle) which of the following protocols do you think is the most effective. Now this is assuming 2 things, 1) That the workouts are all the same for each eating program (a strength/hypertrophy cycle) and 2) Total calories for the day is constant with each program (Ex, they are all 3500cal....or 4000cal...).

Program Options:

A) Zone at 3-5x fat (or athletes zone as some call it)

B) Modified Zone at 0.5x Carbs, 1.5x Protein and 3-5x fat (this may come out to close to the same as Option C)

C) Paleo low carb/high protein/fats (<100g carbs daily). High Protein (1-1.5g/lb bodyweight)

D) Paleo low carb/high protein/fats (all meals except PWO) w/ PWO high carb meal (100+ g carbs). Keep in mind this would make non-workout days low carb and +fat calories.

E) Paleo low carb/high protein/fats- 3 on/1 off (Carb loading day) w/ smaller PWO carbs (30g)

Again this takes into account all cal levels are the same for each one. Personally I would go with D or E, but would like to hear all comments.
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