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Thursday's workout felt good -- nice to keep things moving and fresh. OHS especially were nice, as I haven't done them in a while. Did 95#x3x3, tried to keep them low with good form. Skipped the metcon, as I have all week, due to being a bit of a mess.

Had high hopes for today's workout, but nothing doing.
sn: 65x2, 85, 95, 95, 105 ps, 105, 115f

115 was my PR from last cycle; would have been nice to hit it. Should have done 110 and finished with some success

c&j: 115, 135, 145 failed jerk, reattempted, and failed jerk again.

145 was also my PR from last cycle, again, should have done 140.

bsq: 145, 185, 225 failed, 225 failed.

I was a bit surprised to fail 225, but perhaps should not have been. I'm consciously trying to get low; perhaps my 230 PR from last cycle was stopped a bit high.

Just wish getting stronger were a bit easier for me :-)

Pull-ups, did deadhang, since I can't kip. 5, 4, 4 (my pullups suffered from my mass gain experiment of a few months ago -- trying to get them back).

Standing ab-wheel roll-outs, to a wall just short of full extension. 3x12
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