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Sunday I spent every moment I could foam rolling. I hurt all over, but especially the quads (upper and lower attachments) and the IT band. I've never been this sore foam rolling before.

Today my warm up was accompanied by many fewer clicks and pops in my knees. Reminder to self: keep foam rolling and prevent things from getting this bad. Treat clicks and pops as an abnormal situation, requiring treatment.


fs: 165x2x3. Felt good, atg. Focusing on keeping my right elbow up -- some hand pain from catching my cleans wrong

chp: 165x2x2: Should have done 160 -- couldn't get the bar high enough.

pp: 125x2x2, failed the second set. 120x2x3: felt strong. Focused on keeping the push vertical -- finding that I'm trying to push too hard and getting the bar out in front. Less push but more vertical works better :-)

pullups: 5, 4, 4

tgu situps: 24kgx4@x3: hurt from Saturday's ab wheel roll outs.

Will probably miss tomorrow due to travel...
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