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I second (3rd?) what Steve said. Off-season I'd really work on max effort strength and use skill sessions to shore up metcon. Folks with body comp issues or who lack conditioning to handle this workload may need a few weeks of ramp up using classic WOD's. Following a conjugate method here or cycling blocks of 5x5 @ 75% for 2-3 weeks (accumulation phase) and schemes like 8x3, 10x1-2 for 2-3 weeks for an intensification phase. Also be aggressive in pre/rehab. Lots of foam rolling, trigger point work and dealing with ANY injuries.

Preseason shifts to increased metcon and skill work (harder pad work, more sparring) with strength work shifting to maintenance. ME-BB is PERFECT for this and if you are concerned about recovery minimize eccentric loading on the metcons. Stick with box jumps, sprints, push presses in preference to thrusters, swings and high volume/load movements.

In season shift to strength maintenance with 2-3 sets of 2-3 reps at 80-85% 2 days per week on a gross lower body movement, press and pull. Use metcon post skill sessions (short circuits<10 min if loads of sparring occurs). Longer metcons can occur at other times and should time index the event being prepped for (3min rounds/1 min rest for example). Be ready to taper this training 7-10 days from competition. If the skill base is FIRMLY established, using a monostructural element like a row, run or even something like burpees or thrusters to create extreme fatigue and then throwing the person into a sparring session can be amazingly beneficial. Again time index rounds including the time spent on rower, thruster etc.

The basic CF programming is solid but a little preplanning, particularly in the off-season, can really bring up weaknesses and address injuries.
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