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Arden - you're really doing block snatches since you're starting from mid-thigh/above the knee - a tall snatch starts with your knees and hips completely extended already - it's ONLY the 3rd pull.

The movement of those looks really good - your weight is a tiny bit forward, but not much. I'd like to see you receive the bar a bit lower - more like 1/4 squat depth instead of standing straight up.

The snatch balances (drop snatches) are good but your weight is definitely too far forward - watch the bar - it drops forward, then drives forward, then settles forward - all slight, but the heavier it gets, the more problematic that will be. Keep your weight a little farther back on your foot and make sure that drive is completely vertical. Really with these, the dip/drive should be a quick pop rather than similar to the push press or jerk. Basically spaz for a split second to unload the bar to allow you to drive under - the less upward movement of the bar the better. Also, this may be a flexibility thing you're already working on, but the elbows are definitely soft.

Nice blocks!
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