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Wink my paleo/zone project

Iím going to try this. Iíve never tracked my diet and workouts by actually writing it down and Iíd like to try it for once to gauge my progress and see how my body reacts to different foods. Little backround:

5í8 / 150lbs / ~17% BF

PT: 3:1 CF plus 6/wk alt med lift and 20 min cardio 1 day/wk rest (will keep this same routine)

Iíve only been doing CF for 3 months (BTWÖLOVE IT) but Iíve had a fairly rigorous workout regimen all my life reallyÖ.except when I was a wee baby of course. That being said, I have never really tracked what I eat, just tried to stick to natural foods, fruits, veggies, whole grains and eat when hungry. That has left me fairly healthy but would like to revamp the routine.
Iíve been reading about paleo and zone for about 2 months now and Iím intrigued with how much diet can affect your workout progression. Iíve always been aware of it but too selfish to get rid of my random days of pizza, beer, chicken wings etc.
Iím ready to give this a shotÖ
For 2 weeks (as a practice run) Iím going for a paleo/zone mix with 14 blocks and see how I feel. My main issue is that Iím currently deployed and do not have access to certain things. However, after looking at certain options, I can definitely make due, though Iíll likely have to eat the same things day after day. Also, will not have access to grass fed beef or omega 3 eggs (donít know how much that will impact my efforts, and would appreciate any feedback) The couple things I know Iíll miss is the oatmeal, peanut butter and cheese (though, due to lack of options, might have to work PB into the mix, don't know what impact that will have either)
Iím looking for as much advise as I can. Even after a lot of research Iím sure Iím going to be missing something so any help is appreciated.

goals: Primarily I just want to feel healthy with greater strength and endurance with out bulking up. Would also like to tune into my natural cravings, learn what my body needs and find that healthy balance.

17 Apr

B: 4 blocks
2 c lettuce
2c tomato
1c peppers (raw)
Ĺ c olives
1 c celery
4 oz chicken breast
2 tsp olive oil


L: 4 blocks
2 c lettuce
2c brocc (cooked)
1c peppers (raw)
Ĺ c olives
1 c celery (raw)
4 oz chicken breast
2 tsp olive oil

D: 5 blocks
5 HB eggs (not omega 3)
15 almonds
1 apple
1c tomoato (raw)


At first glance I foresee a couple issues.
Lack of carbs (esp dinner as I had to use fruit to get my carb block and I want to stay away from that in the future and use veggies as much as possible to aviod the extra sugar)
Also added a little extra olive oil to counter lack of carbs (though 2 tsp still doesnít seem like very much even for adding extra)

Missed 1 block todayÖwhoops. Last meal caused a bit of a stomach ache...don't think I've ever had that many eggs in one sitting

Hoping to update this daily but it will depend on computer availability, please have patience with me
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