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Well, that's problematic. All Lyle did was leave me hanging since he didn't provide any other info than this which kinda forces me to more or less try to find the book (don't wanna buy anything) to see what he actually said on hormones....

The Hormonal Response

The hormonal response to any kind of high-intensity training is significantly different than in response to low-intensity training. While low intensity training typcially only releases noradrenaline (from the nerve terminals) with only small amounts of adrenaline (from the adrenal medulla), high-intensity exercise releases both adrenaline/noradrenaline in large amounts.

For various reasons, all of which are discussed in some detail in The Stubborn Fat Solution, that hormonal response can be beneficial to fat loss. Quite in fact, in that book, I use intervals for specifically that reason in two of the stubborn fat protocols.

In addition to potentially impacting on fat mobilization (lipolysis), this hormonal response can have one other major effect that is probably a major cause of the results in many of the studies being cited by the pro-interval group. That’s that high intensity exercise often blunts hunger.

Oh yeah MOD after that he goes into:
~rant about people not controlling diet.
~Effect of high intensity exercise to blunt hunger but very little fat loss from uncontrolled diet
~simply making people work harder is a plus but can be a minus
~rants on about "fat burning zone"

So yeah.. fairly 'obvious' stuff I guess. Anyone have his book and can tell me what's in the hormonal chapter or various sections?
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