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Originally Posted by Jeremy Shepard View Post
I've got the book, but I'm away for the weekend and will have to wait a couple of days for anything specific. But, if memory serves, he mostly likes intervals due to the higher catecholamine release. There are a couple of other bits dealing with interval length and some theory work that seems to have panned out, but it would basically be giving away a good chunk of the plan if I posted it. I don't really care too much about fat loss plan since I'm not in the market for that.

But, like all of Lyle's books, it's easily worth the cover price and I'd recommend picking up a copy.
I know about the catecholamines especially epi and norepi. I was just wondering if he went into any detail about any other hormones which I am going to in the neuroendocrine article I'm writing. To be clear all I want to know is all of the hormones he talked about besides catecholamines if any. I don't really care about the training program aspect of it.

Basically so I don't waste my time writing up something that has already been written up.

And yeah, considering I'm a student I'm pretty poor. So buying books is out the question ATM (well, to be fair there's other books on higher priority at least). I search local libraries for it, but they don't have it.. at least yet.

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