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Originally Posted by Jason Naubur View Post
But we did normal zone for 2 months, on the consultation of the affiliate we upped the fat a bit after low results.
If you really do what the "normal" zone calls for...I'm guessing you would of been in the 1100 cal range a day....if that is not working...raising calories is not what she needs. Don't start thinking she needs the "athlete" zone with more she is not an athlete, does not have that activity level and weight loss is the main goal.

The problem with the zone in the "real world" people never do it right. If you tell someone to eat 1200 cal....they really take in 1500+. Also, if you start doing things like maybe 30-40min walks at night...that is another way to help burn off the extra calories. Of course if the thyroid is bottomed out then there are other issues as well. Does she have a high calorie day once every 7-10 days too? That is usually important in any low calorie plan to help keep the metabolism strong. Coconut oil is also supposed to be good for the thyroid.

In the end....if weight loss is not happening she will need either less calories or more activity daily. There still has to be a deficit of calories for the body to use internal fat as fuel.
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