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19 April

My end of the day workout yesterday was ridiculous. Had no energy, might be my body getting used to a decrease in carbs but who knows. I felt a little run down this morning too but after my first meal (and a little coffee...if that's cheating then too bad) I was runnin fine.
I was going for a 2 week “shock” of the system in regard to eliminating starchy carb intake, but if my workouts suffer, I’m going to bring back my oatmeal with bananas and soymilk. However, I’m trying to be patient though and read my body’s needs.

B: 4 blocks
2 c mixed steamed mixed veg
1c tomato
˝ c carrot
˝ c celery
4 oz chicken breast
15 almonds

Snack ; 2 blocks
6 almonds
2 oz turkey breast


L: 4 blocks
1 c tomato
1c cucumber
˝ c olives
1 c carrots
4 oz chicken breast
1 tsp olive oil
6 almonds
1 c grapes

Snack: 2 blocks
2 eggs
6 almonds
˝ c grapes

Today I felt good, meals were filling but was a little tired during my CF WOD although it seemed decently strong.
Also, it looks like 12 blocks have been ok for me...or I'm miscalculating blocks.
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