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Here lies the tale of a 57 year old recreational athlete seeking to stay as active as I can for as long as I can. I have arthritis and inactivity is the kiss of death.

I've lifted weights and run since I was 15 for fitness, for my military career, and for various sports that have captured my fancy. I was relatively inactive from October 2003 through February 2007 because of some knee issues and life generally getting in the way. I'm 5' 11'' and my natural weight is probably about 200 pounds, but with the inactivity my weight had climbed to 237 pounds. I began watching my diet and working out more regularly and am now 214 pounds. Both my knees were scoped last year to clean up some of the effects of the arthritis and injuries.

I discovered CrossFit in October 2007 and have been practicing it since November. I've decided to try Scottish Heavy Athletics (a.k.a Highland Games) competition this year, and while I'm strong compared to the general population and fairly strong for CrossFit, I'm somewhat lacking for this endeavor and will spend the next few weeks building strength and working on throwing skills. At some point I plan to pick up the CA WOD, but for now will be working from "Starting Strength" 2nd. ed. I'll begin pretty conservatively as I'm still rehabilitating the knees and a shoulder that I tweaked last October.
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