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Personally I havenít gotten a weight loss from doing CrossFit. I know, I know, but I havenít.
Iíve gotten better muscles, more strength, but not really the huge ďohmygod!Ē changes that testimonials are made of. ErÖin fact, I put on fat over this very long and inactive (trapped indoors due to a skin condition) winter. Talk about depressing!
Keeping a workout log book kept me from giving up Ė that and this is plain fun. But my times got better, my weights got higher, Iím doing full pushups frequently now Ė this is progress.

But it wasnít until I was able to get outside again and start walking and running this spring that Iím starting to notice the fat coming off. I have a very sedentary job. Iím sure the additional muscle mass is helping, but it seems like itís taking a deliberate raising of my activity level through adding walking & running to my daily routine to actually effect the fat loss.

YMMV. Hope this helps.
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