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20 Apr - posted a little late

Woke up feeling good this morning, tired, but that is always expected for me. I was pretty hungry when I woke up but couldn’t eat for 2 ˝ hrs (work constraints, not meaning to). However, I was satisfied after my first meal. I’ve also noticed I’m less bloated than when I was eating grains. I also know I was also eating WAY too many nuts for my own good before this, don’t think that helped with excess bloating either.

B: 4 blocks (8:00)
1 c lettuce
1c tomato
˝ c carrot
˝ c celery
1 tsp olive oil
4 oz roast beef
1 orange

Snack ;1 block (12:00)
˝ orange
3 almonds
1 oz chicken breast


L: 4 blocks
1 c lettuce
1 c tomato
1c cucumber
1/4 c olives
4 oz chicken breast
1 tsp olive oil

D: 3 blocks
3 eggs
12 almonds
1 pear
1 c carrots/celery

Felt great all day….maybe the starchy carb cravins are getting out of my system….for now anyway…..

Jay, I didn't think I was eating only ~1200 cal but I will plug everything into fitday to double check. I feel very full after my meals though. All the veggies really fill me up. Oh, and getting those eggs down are killer. My WOD yesterday was strong too so I don't know if this "shock" is really a bad thing. I only consider it a shock to my system because I've always eaten breads and whole grains as a consistant part of my diet. I wanted to do this to see how my body felt by cutting those out.
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