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Default Jim Schmitz program

After feeling like a total klutz, I figured I needed more coaching. Given that I had absurd amounts of PTO accumulated at work, and that I'm fortunate enough to live near where Jim Schmitz trains, I went that route.

A brief aside -- in many countries, someone who was three time Olympic weightlifting team coach would be treated like a hero and live off a pension. In the US, I can pay $50 a session to get training under his supervision, and he's still working out if he'll be able to go to see the Olympics this year.

His current incarnation of the Sports Palace is underneath a somewhat uninspiring bodybuilding-style gym. In the basement, weightlifting heaven. Just don't jerk into the pipes.

As you'll see, Jim is a firm believer in volume, and lots of it...

He wanted to try split and squat style lifts with me, to see what I do best with. My flexibility has increased quite a bit over the past year or so, so I think he's wavering a bit between the two styles, so I tried both out.

(all weights in kg)
ps+split each leg + sn: 20, 30. ps+sn: 40, 47.5, 50. ps+split sn: 40, 45, 47.5
pc+split each leg + cl: 40. pc + cl + j: 50. c&j: 60, 60, 62.5
chp: 70x2x2
cdl: 80x2, 90x2, 100x2
j: 40x2, 50x2, 55, 57.5, 60, 60, 60
fs: 50x5, 60x4, 65x3, 70x2, 75, 77.5 (Jim loves his pyramids)
Then he had me do split snatch and split clean drills at light-med weight
Then, alternating lunges and front squats at light weights, until I was on the verge of begging to quit...

Going back Wednesday, then Monday and Wednesday next week, working out at home Saturday. I'll slip in some metcon Tuesday and Friday.

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