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Default Allen's IF experiment and observations

I wanted to put a thread up on what I'm doing for IF and how I'm feeling while doing IF.

After reading PM's #6 and 16 I decided to just start my IF experiment right away. I started the night of January 5th and decided upon 15 hour fasts for now. This is a large departure from what I used to do when I'd typically be eating 15 hours of the day, the whole 5-6 small meals a day thing. I actually wasn't sure I'd be able to do it as when I did the 5-6 small meals a day thing and would miss a meal I felt like gnawing my arm off!

height- 69"
BW - 194 lbs
BF - ~15%

Rules for right now:
-I eat between 9-10 am thru 6-7 pm I will eat dinner with my family and dinner time needs to be flexible.
-I have green tea and water throughout the day.
-Coffee- 2x a day on training days, otherwise 1x a day, 2 tbsp of heavy cream (Just started since I saw a few people here did it and the Lights Out book recommended it, so the reason why?) and some splenda (I know I know...but 1 thing at a time)
-180-200 grams of protein per day
-80-100 grams of fat per day
-150-200 grams of carbs per day - dependent upon if it's a training day or not - During the day it's mostly broccoli/spinach and typically 60g's total with Pre/Post WO drink and then a higher carb intake at dinner time with family.
-8.5-9.5 hours of sleep - Hard to keep with a 18 month old, but I'm trying.
-Fish oil - with first and last meals of the day, it's 30% EPA/DHA so I aim for 10 caps per meal.

As of the dawning of day 4 I've definitely noticed a few things:
-The last 2 days I haven't gotten my mid afternoon slump typically around 3-4pm I feel drowsy but since starting IF I haven't noticed.
-The few hours before I eat in the morning I'm really really hungry 7-9am is bad.
-I feel more alert.
-I guess this has to do with being more alert but at work I feel more focused, typically at work I'll be all over the place.
-Caffeine sensitivity has gone up in just this short amount of time.

-Is it ok to have green tea / coffee before my first meal or should I aim to only drink these during my "eating" hours?
-I was thinking of adding more fat?
-Does everyone else follow the Zone block system?

Any comments are welcome.
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