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22 APR

Excerpt from Lyles blog mentioned above by Allen…
“Females, by dint of their smaller size usually have to accept lower rates of fat loss without truly heroic efforts. Two pounds per month true fat loss may be all that’s realistically achievable. Sucks, huh?”
Really sucks….I hope my efforts are heroic =) ha

B: 5 blocks
2 c tomato
1 c carrot
1 c celery
˝ c olives
1 tsp olive oil
5 oz chicken breast
20 almonds
1 orange


L: 4 blocks
1 c lettuce
1/2 c tomato
1 c broc (cooked)
4 oz polish sausage (lot of fat so counting as part fat blocks too)
10 almonds
1 oz rasins

D: 4 blocks
4 eggs
1 c mixed veggies
15 almonds

ate a lot today....was hungry horse this morning and felt hungry all day so I ate a little more. WODs are still going strong!! yeay
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