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Arien Malec
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Didn't slip in metcon Tuesday -- too sore and fried. Not used to the higher volume workouts.

Jim started me today on a press/jerk workout to improve on my ability to lockout. Having problems, especially on the right side (probably because of an injury I had 3 years ago on that side).

mp+pj+j 40, pp+pj+j 50, pj+j 55, j 60

Then did what Jim called jerk balances, but are more like tall cleans and snatches. Basically, you get in a 1/2 split stance, and quickly move into the fully locked out position.

jb: 40x2x3

ps+hsn+sn: 40x3 sets
pc+hcl+cl: 55x3 sets
split snatches (l&r) 35x2 sets
split cleans (l&r) 55x2 sets

chp: 70x2x2
bs: 60x5, 75x4, 85x3, 90x2, 95, 100f, 100
press: 30x5, 35x4, 40x3, 42.5x2, 45

Not fried as much as Monday...
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