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23 APR

Woke up this morning feeling good, not as hungry as I felt the previous two days. So far, the only problem I’ve had for this is this “watery” feeling in my gut from all the veggies. Does anyone else get this feeling while on paleo? Does my body just have to get used to it or what?? The only neg impact I’ve seen in regard to my workouts is the lack of pushing my cardio. I feel like if I do push myself, I’m closer to puking that before (because of the “watery” gut). If anyone has input, would like to clear this up.

B: 4 blocks
1 c tomato
1 c carrot
1 c celery
¼ c olives
1 tsp olive oil
4 oz pork loin
10 almonds
1 orange

CF REST  Did some cardio (see above pukie feeling)

L: 4 blocks
1 c lettuce
1 c tomato
1 c cucumber
4 oz chicken
¼ c sunflower seeds

D: 4 blocks
4 eggs
2 apples (whoa, ha)
15 almonds
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