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cori rock
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25 APR

B: 4 blocks
2 c lettuce
1 c tomato
1 c cucumbers
4 oz pork chop
10 almonds

CF wod

L: 4 blocks
2 c lettuce
1 c tomato
1 c carrot/celery
ľ c olives
4 oz chicken
1 tsp olive oil
15 almonds

D: 4 blocks
4 eggs
1 orange
20 almonds
Cookie (I WAS FORCED!!! Ha)

Today, not as hungry in the AM but my first meal was not as filling as it usually is and again was hungry the majority of the day. My energy has been horrible the last couple days and I donít feel like working out (usually I canít wait for my workouts). Concentration also seems off the last couple days. Iím thinking about adding some oatmeal in the mornings (know itís not paleo but Iím needing something).
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