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Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell View Post
Something just scares me about a 240lb guy who can catch my ass in 40 yards! Ha. Yes, most sports are making some serious beasts. Just another reason why training for distance is not really applicable to sport performance. So the old days of the coach making the kids jog around the field are not going to lead to explosive and all state athletes (minus the naturally gifted ones of course).
LMAO yeah same here, especially since that's 65lbs heavier than me! Well in England coaches are still behind, getting 100m sprinters to do 300m runs which is completely the wrong energy system to develop fast, explosive sprinters. Sprinters who are abit more muscular are usually best suited over 60m and 100m whereas the slighter ones are best over 200m and 100m. I can see the carry over of 300m to 200 although I think 250 would be ideal but 300m for a 100m runner...makes no sense. Shorter, intense interval training is the adopted protocol in the states I gather?
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