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I am a novice, so my commentary would not be as well placed as others in this community.

My initial reaction is that your overhead work placement is not in the right line. In other words, both your snatch and your jerk has you coming forward to get your center of gravity. Thus your receiving the weight overhead in front of where it needs to be.

During your snatch, you possibly should keep the bar closer to your body during the third pull and remember to think head and shoulders back as part of the ellipitical poriton of the third pull - to keep the bar going straight up - instead of forward.

I think your cleans look pretty good. You know your jerks need work - but I think it's along the same breath as the snatch alignment. The bar needs to be pushed straight up - not forward and up.

Again, I'm strictly a novice. So I would defer to others. Keep up the good work.

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