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Snatch -

These actually look really good. I'd suggest widening your feet slightl in the starting position (maybe an inch or 2) and turning your toes out more. Right now your knees are directed pretty straight ahead - if you can get them out to the sides a bit, you'll get a better back/hip position.

The 55 wasn't bad at all - maybe a tiny bit short on the turnover, but minimal. The real issue is probably simply strength in that overhead position. I'd work more snatch balances and overhead squats, and maybe some muscle snatches and tall snatches to square away that turnover positioning.

Clean - same as the snatch - looks good for the most part. Looks like you jump forward evry slightly - try to get rid of that (just keep your weight a bnit farther back on your feet). The real issue is simply strength - more front squats.

Jerk - Hard to tell from that angle, but it looks like you have a good rack position. However, when you dip, you drop your chest and let your hips slip backward. I'd also shorten your depth considerably. Keep the hips directly under the shoulders as you dip - completely vertical bar path both down and up. That dip is why you push the bar forward like that. Your footwork was probably fine - the bar and your COM was just too far forward over it. Try working a push-press + jerk complex with a short dip and focusing on the vertical dip positioning.
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