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I'm slacking on the posts, just slammed with work and didn't have the time to write out everything, BUT, I stuck to my previous week postings in regards to portions, etc.
One change was that i had oatmeal (plain with cinnamon, a banana, and protien powder) two days ago and it was AMAZING for my energy level. I felt like I could have ran a marathon (though I'm sure I couldn't!! ha).
So, future plan is to stick with I've been eating..veggie heavy with optial amounts of fat, protien, and fruits with an addition of a little carb kick every couple days. I was wondering what people thought of the PWO carb load and if anyone really likes it or if that's just for heavy trainers. I've never tried it but with my hectic schedule and sometimes 2 daily workouts, I feel like I might need that little extra......Not sure if it's my body needing it, or just me wanting it......
So far, I've been happy with the results, I've lost 5 lbs (probably some water weight) and feel good.
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