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Welcome aboard!!!!!

As an aging guy who likes to push himself, here's some really important things you might want to consider purchasing to wear during your workouts - especially doing squats/deads/squat cleans/full snatches

Rehband warm pants -

Tommy Kono - waist belt

Tommy Kono - knee sleeves

You can get all of these at Jackals Gym - it's the Gillingham brother's site. They have exclusive rights to sell Rehband in the US, I think? Just google it, it should come up pretty quick.

In any event, I'm 38 now, but i thought all my heavy weight lifting was over about four years ago until a good friend introduced me to the above. Granted I've lightened up considerably and focued more on the speed lifts; but I can now lift the heavier weights and feel comfortable knowing that I'm warm, tight, and loose. I see it as reducing the injury potential.

Hope that helps?

All the best,
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