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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
No metcon. Eat hard, eat (pretty) clean, lift heavy, sleep a lot and you'll grow.

The old addage that many around here have hammered home still holds true: Muscles grow when they rest, not when they work. Lift heavy, then go eat, eat again, eat more, sleep, repeat.
Thanks Derek i dont think it is possible with me right now then. My schedule is monday-wed. 830-300 school and then 4-1230am work mon-fri. i guess with my very busy days that are 18 hours long maybe i shoulde work out at all and get my workouts in when i can rest more...idk...lately i have changed my routine up so often that even i dont know what i want...except lean up and keep my current level of strength through the next busy 1 year of my life.
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