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Default Fish oil and hormonal balance for women

Hey all,
Forgive this rather personal post, but I'm hoping the knowledgeable folks on these boards will have insight beyond my regular doc.

I have had a long standing battle with my estrogen: it doesn't like me and won't stick around in my body. Basically, I have hypothalamic amenorrhea.
I've gone through all sort of tests, tried hormone replacement and all that business, to no avail. I supposedly see one of the best endocrinologists around, but she still hasn't figured out what's going on - though she thinks it's exercise induced. I've cleaned up my eating pretty well (paleo, grassfed meats, some IF) and I believe I take in enough fat and protein, so I don't think it's about nutrition - though that may have been the catalyst. But it's been many years that I've been trying to correct the problem.

i know that fish oil can help to balance hormone levels, so I am wondering if anyone has thoughts on the following:
EPA to DHA ratio
CLO vs fish oil
fish oils that are 3, 6, 9 balanced (Nordic Naturals makes one).

I'm reading Protein Power Lifeplan now, which is giving me some new ideas about what might be going on.

Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts, I'm all ears. Thanks
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