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I crossfit 5 days a week and usually 1 or 2 days have an extended work/skill building component. I'm certainly not exercising as much as an elite athlete, so I personally don't think that's the issue. But my doc's argument is that some people's bodies are more sensitive than others. She also feels I have PCOS "tendencies" - whatever that means. I've been amenorrheaic (sp?) for 5 or 6 years.

I am 5'1", weigh around 122-125 (smallest I've been and recently down to this from 136 about 6/7 months ago where i'd been stuck for a while, then started dialing in the paleo. Was about 155/160 5 years ago.), medium boned, fairly muscular, but definitely still have flesh on me.

My intake varies from day to day, of course, and month to month, but an overall average might be something like 55-70 grams of fat and 75-100 grams of protein. Fats include: avocado, olive oil, ground flax or oil, hemp seed butter, coconut oil on occasion, various nuts and seeds. I eat all varieties of fish/meat/poultry and am pretty OCD about them being properly raised, ie grassfed, wild or at least organic. Lots and lots and lots of veggies. (I turn orange easily, so I had to cut out orange foods.)

I added in 1.5 tspns Natural Calm maybe 4/wk about a month ago. No zinc.

In terms of environmental toxins - I work in an office in Soho in NYC, live in Brooklyn. That's been true for the last 9 years. I know when this started, and I can elaborate if you have the time/interest.

Someone advised me that it might be helpful to have a greater EPA to DHA ratio. Also, do you think it's better to take borage or primrose oil separately as opposed to in Nordic Natural 3,6,9 formula?

Thank you so very much for your help Dr. G. I appreciate your feedback!!
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