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Default A train wreck

Yesterday, I was warming up, using the circuit that Dan John stole from someone other than G.G.

Haloes+Goblet Squats+Windmills

Doing the windmills, I notice a tightness in my left lower back. It was tight through all three runs of the circuit.

I think the initial tightness was from painting my bathrooms, and from getting into unnatural and cramped positions to paint along some of the moldings and around the toilet. I am a evil genius with a paintbrush, much to my wife's delight, and my own chagrin.

I started doing a thick bar deadlift/1H kb swing couplet, and, on the second set, I felt a bit of a twinge in my lower back.

Being older and wiser than I once was, I stopped doing that sort of stuff, and finished off with stuff that didn't involve me bending over.

Over a period of a few hours, my left lower back got sore and tight. So sore that it started to aggravate me when I stood or walked.

So, since one thing that's been drilled into me ever since I'd met physical therapist Matt Spiller (another Dan John friend, and who has an article about this very topic in one of early Get Up newsletters), is to do McKenzie press ups.

So I did.

Still things stiffened up, and I went to bed being quite stiff and with a low grade of pain.

I woke up, and my back felt slightly better, but I must have slept on my neck wrong, because my neck was stiff, on the left side (which is where it gets stiff...this is due to old rugby abuses) and my left knee was sore (once again, due to an old rugby injury, it's prone to soreness after exertion)

So, today, it's been:

Sore neck: performing self-myofascial release and hitting some seriously inflamed trigger points, some jumpstretch band traction work, and applying heat rubs.

Sore back: once again, sMFR with a tennis ball against the wall really reveals some nasty trigger points. My evil dog ate my foam roller. That, press ups, a hot shower, and some heat rub have significantly improved it over the course of a day. Also did some traction stretching with a jumpstretch band.

Sore knee: nothing to do but slap some DMSO on it and do DROM stuff for it.

I'm feeling better, but for about 6 hours today I felt like I'd gotten run over by a truck.
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