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Originally Posted by Margie Lempert View Post
I crossfit 5 days a week and usually 1 or 2 days have an extended work/skill building component. I'm certainly not exercising as much as an elite athlete, so I personally don't think that's the issue. But my doc's argument is that some people's bodies are more sensitive than others. She also feels I have PCOS "tendencies" - whatever that means. I've been amenorrheaic (sp?) for 5 or 6 years.

5 days of intense exercise a week is a lot, plus one or two more sessions suggests to me you could be overdoing it.

Your doctor apparently thinks so. If you truly are "overtrained," which will screw up a body physically, you need to cut back. You might consider following your doc's recommendation and see how it works.

Why are you so determined not to reduce your training?
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