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BS – 50x10, 60x7, 70x5, 80x3, 85x3x3, 60x10
I think the thought here is to destroy my legs and develop a sense how to make the lifts with nothing in the tank.... I snuck in an extra rep per set in the penultimate set. Probably not smart, but I have a sense that, being basically unfit for this sport, I've got to make up for it by working extra hard..

P&SS – 30x3x3, 40x2, 42.5x2x3
First time I've been more stable in the upper body than the core and lower body in the bottom position of the snatch. Started out dropping the bar, got more stable in later sets.

P&SC&1J – 40x3x3, 50x2, 57.5x2x3
Mentally harder than physically. Soft in the lock out the last couple of sets.

SHP – 40x3, 52x3x3

Wasn't in my prescribed routine, but inspired by the last PM, I snuck in:
RDL - 70x8x3
(again, more stubborn than smart)

Press – 30x3x10
(missed the last set)

Weighted sit-ups: 3x6 with 24kg

Worked out in the morning before food, came in, mixed up a shake with a can of light coconut milk, blueberries, walnuts and milk, and drank it down. Still hungry...
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