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Originally Posted by Tirzah Harper View Post
8%?!?! Not hardly! I'd feel horrible at 8%, guaranteed! LOL. I'm probably somewhere in the low 20s, percentage-wise. I think when I punched my measurements into the various calculators, it was anything from 21% to 24% depending on whose version I used. In other words, arms look fine, ass doesn't.
lol! Out of curiosity, what is your diet like and what are your lifts like? Do you do just the CF main page WOD? Females are rare enough let alone one the same height and about the same weight and BF.

Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell View Post
- Eat the right foods for the right hormonal responses for fat burning
- Eat less calories to have a deficit daily
- Drink only water with lemon (no diet drinks)
- Don't overtrain...more is not better
- Keep a slower aerobic based active lifestyle (walking, hiking, etc...what does not promote excessive cortisol and muscle breakdown and can be done on a lower cal diet...jogging is not it)
- Lower carb/Mod protein and fat eating works best....for a reason
- Keep workouts short and intense 2-3x a week
- Enjoy your meals and if you need a "cheat" meal once a week...then do it...but once you eat for health and not emotional needs and may not need's more a mental thing so you don't feel deprived...but it doesn't hit the key reason of food should be viewed for health first
- Eat for your hunger...if it's all the right foods you won't gain weight...if it's the wrong foods you WILL
- Eat healthy for fat loss before you even start attempt something like IFOC (IF on crap) will not work
- Remember slow and steady wins the race and looks the best! Quick solutions do nothing for lifestyle habbits (the danger of ANY diet)...and usually lead to a high % of people just gaining it all back
Mike, when people start plateauing with Paleo/IF, does anything about IF need to be changed? A couple of weeks ago I asked about feeling too cold on IF and after a few overfeeds and all-day eating I think I'm out of hyperthyroidism. I've gained strength training with the rings but my body doesn't seem to want to drop any more bodyfat.
Robb Wolf: I'd throw my hat in with the bleached, de-nuded bagel. Live dangerously.
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