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Mike, when people start plateauing with Paleo/IF, does anything about IF need to be changed? A couple of weeks ago I asked about feeling too cold on IF and after a few overfeeds and all-day eating I think I'm out of hyperthyroidism. I've gained strength training with the rings but my body doesn't seem to want to drop any more bodyfat.
I think anything will plateau if no protocols are changed along the way. What kind of IF schedule do you keep? Personally I like the M-F more stricter version...and weekends eat all day...or however you want. Get more calories in on the weekend. Also make sure you are getting enough in during your feeding IF is not about going too low on calories. I believe you meant "hypo"thyroidism (low)...although that seems more like too low calories, as you will get the same effect eating low calories all day long. There's lots of factors involved including liver health (as that makes the enzyme that helps convert T4 to T3) and adrenals too. I found my hands and feet got colder when I drank more coffee on it seemed to be more related to adrenal activity (overworked adrenal function?) and not the thyroid directly...just my personal observation.

Like many say....make it work for you and I would not keep it to any strict schedule day after day....kinds of defeats the whole "intermittent" part.
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