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Originally Posted by Alicia Zhuang View Post
My IF schedule is:
Mon, Weds, Thurs - feeding 6pm-10pm
Tues, Fri, Sat, Sun - anything depending on hunger, whether I feel like I need PWO

Yeah I meant hypothyroidism oops.

I was wondering whether there were some specific tweaks that could be done because IF is so intermittent I can't really tell what is working and what isn't...?
How many meals are you really eating on the T/F/S/S "off" IF days?

Most basic tweaks are going to be:
- Size of feeding window
- Number of meals during the feeding window
- calories during a feeding window
- number of fast days
those are the important factors

Most people who are active and find good results with IF have larger eating windows (like around 8 hours...yours is only 4), probably get 3 good meals inside that 8 hour window, and are not short on calories. If you want the more alternate day type of IF...I don't think Eades original 24 on/24 off model is a good one to follow....but every 3rd day may be more realistic for IF benefits while not letting your thyroid to become compromised.

Works on those variables as you see something can always be changed up....and if you need to stop IF to start seeing results, then maybe that is what needs to be done to reset your metabolism...and then you can re-introduce IF slowly again if you want to.
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