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Originally Posted by Alicia Zhuang View Post
lol! Out of curiosity, what is your diet like and what are your lifts like? Do you do just the CF main page WOD? Females are rare enough let alone one the same height and about the same weight and BF.
My, it's nothing prescribed exactly, which I'm sure would make me thinner but probably not happier. Last night it was Guinness, spiked coffee, a grilled cheese sandwich, spinach salad, and a few nuts & a donut by the end of the night...that's not really the norm though.

Generally it's fruit, often hot cereal (amaranth, quinoa, millet) with an apple and a couple of eggs cooked in there for breakfast. Daily doses of Earl Grey tea with honey and cream of some sort...getting away from non-dairy creamer (husband can't do much dairy) and trying coconut milk, almond milk, etc.
Lunch is either leftovers from dinner and/or a big ol' salad of mixed greens/broccoli slaw mix with cottage cheese, strawberries, beans, tuna, eggs (whatever's handy when I'm packing lunch, basically) and a little dressing and/or olive oil over top. An ounce or two of dark chocolate mid-afternoon.
Dinner is pretty varied, almost always vegetable-based and frequently accompanied with something from a smaller brewery, in moderation. Sometimes we'll have fish, sometimes a little chicken, rarely red meat; almost never pasta or potatoes or flour-based foods. Then often a small dessert of chocolate or berries & sweetened Greek yogurt and coconut milk or cookies.

So it's not your standard American diet by a long shot, but it's not dialed in for super-fitness either; more for general well-being, health, and pleasure. LOL.

My lifts aren't impressive at all LOL! I don't follow the main-page WOD, I go to my local affiliate and do whatever he says 3-5 times per week, which follows the CF format but not the main site WODs. Plus I try to walk on my lunch breaks (2-mile loop in 1/2 hour) and run a mile or so occasionally (yuck) because I want to get better at that; gardening and just live as actively as one can when working desk jobs and being pretty damn busy.
Anyway, we did the CFT on Friday and mine was 345. It's improved since getting 310 in my first CFT four months ago, and I'm proud of my own improvements, but it's kind of...humbling...when the guys there are PRESSING more than I can DEADLIFT! Oh well. I'm improving and that's where it matters, eh? My times are getting better. And I've only been doing this semi-steady since October.

How about you? Now I'm curious too.
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