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I just took a week off actually. I'm trying to do that every 2 or 3 months. And, sure, I come back feeling stronger and well rested.

I have very little caffeine in my diet. I just can't handle more than maybe 1 coffee a week and 1 or 2 black teas a week. I don't have much trouble falling asleep, and I wake up with the sun quite easily. Sometimes I have trouble staying asleep.

Tom - you're right that xfitters can be excessive in their intensity. I'd say my level of intensity varies a fair amount: 2 or 3 metcon type workouts/week (some very short and others long) balanced by 2 or 3 o-lifting/strength days. Some weeks are more intense than others. (We don't necessarily follow the main site at my affiliate.) I do tend to always push hard with the metcons, but I also honor those days when I'm beat and just have to work at less than full capacity.

The thing is: all this started long before I got into crossfit. I was exercising regularly, but not at all to the same capacity. I was, however, underfeeding myself for a while and am convinced that that was the trigger. What confuses me is why I'm still out of whack years later.

Anyway, I appreciate your thoughts and time on this, particularly since it's an idiosyncratic issue. Does make me want to learn a lot more about women athletes and nutrition....
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