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Monday: Travel day. Did a seat of the pants IF, due to catching a plane at 6am, and having a short connection. Ate at 6 pm Eastern, so 3 pm Pacific.

Tuesday: went over to Inner Strength Crossfit in Smyrna, GA. Friendly gym, doing Elizabeth. Saw some dangerous looking cleans -- people without the flexibility to get the elbows around and up on squat cleans should do power cleans + front squats instead....

Jerk balance: sets of 3 up to 95#
Jerk: worked up to 135# single, messed up and added 20#s, almost hit 155# which would have been a PR by 10#.
ps+hs+s complex: worked up to 95# for 3 sets, tried at 105#, but was beat.
pc+hcl+cl complex: worked up to 145# for 3 sets
ohs: triples, worked up to 125#
rdl: 155#x8x3 (was very sore last couple of days so stayed at the same weight. Feeling good today)
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