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Brandon Enos
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Congrats! Im in the same boat actually. Down from just over 300 pounds to 250 as of Sunday. Ill be going into a sherrif's academy either this August, or Jan '09 depending on A - my preparedness (sp?) and B - if my connections can get me into the August academy (though it might be to late).

Until recently I havent ran since high school, need to get my time up to a 14 minute mile and a half. Not to mention all the running during training days.

Ive been following Starting Strength with the beggining runners program from Had to repeat the 'first week', 1-minute running (7.5 mph), 2-minutes walking (3 mph), for 4 weeks to work on form more than anything else, and no longer any expierence any ankle or knee pain. The program is an 8-week progression to a solid, 30-minute run. You might want to look into it.,00.html

Other than that, cant really offer much help, just tell ya what Im trying, though I still have some distance to go and am far from being an expert.

But again, congrats, I can tell ya from expierence, its a long, hard road, but your doing a damn good job.
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