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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
Oh whoops, kind of glazed over the whole weight issue with knees thing. They're definitely right on that. Don't do too much yet.

Barbell complexes sounds like a good idea right now. Strong metabolic stress. As long as your diet and sleep is sound, the fat will keep on coming off.

Also, work on your running technique. NEVER land on your heels when you're running.


Sprinting WILL do the job for aerobic fitness *IF* the rest times are kept down. I'm not sure if you know much about the anaerobic vs. aerobic but as the sprinting volume drags on it will be more and more aerobic for energy.

I still recommend 400-800m intervals though. Those will rape you. HIIT is better for aerobic conditioning (provided enough volume but still less time than longer dirance running) than steady state running anyway. Well, at least for beginning and intermediate runners looking for aerobic conditioning + fat burn. One of the studies I looked at for HIIT vs. steady state showed that at 1/3 of the time for HIIT training (so for example, 20 minutes HIIT & 60 minutes steady state work) they had the same markers of fatty acid metabolism when all was said and done.

That's generally why metcon/hiit/tabata can complete with aerobic running in times for beginner and intermediate runners because they are significantly aerobic as the volume rises.
Some of the scientificals might interesting, however totally useless to the OP.

Larry, you're making a huge investement in yourself, and your career. You're agile and likley quite strong but your weight loss goals have very specific challenges.

The best advice I can give you is to get some real (not internet based) support in reaching your goal. Find a coach who has worked with people in your situation or at least find a training buddy or group to push you, prefferbly folks with similar goals.

You've got big brass balls for making it this far, don't let fitness wonks cloud your view of your goals. You're the man...Keep it up.

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