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Arien Malec
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Hotel workout,
55# dumbell snatches + pullups complex
exerbike/treadmill work
Discovered why my pullups suck and why my pants aren't fitting as nicely: weight moved up to 195#. Need to trim a bit.

At the top of this log I asserted that my goal was strength and that mass and fat were going to take care of themselves. Uhh, all too well.

Again, Inner Strength CF.
sn: up to 110#x1x3. Felt good, although a bit soft on lockout. Given that my 1RM is 115#, not bad... If I take a down week, should do nicely.
c&j: up to 135#
cdl: up to 205#x3
fs: up to 155#x3x3
hang split snatch and clean practice
GHD situps + 30#x8x3
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