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Thursday May 8

MMA: They really should just call this fight conditioning. We do MMA but I think the whole goal of the class is to see if they can crush us. Started with a ton of Met-Con. We did our normal 5 minute warm-up then moved into the craziness.

After warmup we moved directly into takedown drills. I mentioned in the post about MMA that I wanted to work on my takedowns. Well I got that opportunity. We did singles for 5 minutes, then singles across the gym for 2 minutes then paired up and 1 guy stood by the wall and the other guy sprinted to the other sided touched the wall then sprinted back for the single against the wall.

We then moved into a circuit with 2 guys, you started on the heavy bag hitting it with the guy behind the bag shooting in for singles, you had to defend with a sprawl. This was 1 minute then switch positions. Next You moved to the bag on the floor and sat on it in the mount and punched and threw elbows away all while your partner tried to knock you off, same deal 1 minute then change position. Then we went to sprawl ball. You stood about 15 feet apart and threw a 12 lb med ball at each other, caught it and sprawled. We did that for 2 minutes then rotated back to the heavy bag. Lots of fun.

After all of that we moved into the cage and worked standup against the fence. I got to be the example for our instructor. Nothing like getting your head slammed into the fence to get you ready for the drill.

Last couple of drills were all about working from the guard, throwing punches, controlling the biceps, moving your opponent into the fence, passing the guard at the fence and using side control.

NO GI: Lots of fun. Rich was leading warmups and I told him hey man I am already nice and warm lets not get to silly. Did a bunch of back and forth drills on armbars and sweeps.

This was my first night back grappling since 1/30. It was amazing. My brain was clear and I was able to get several subs in the first match. I did have brain lock in the last match. I ended up on top in north-south and got my legs wrapped around the guys head with one arm out. Fabio saw this and started yelling at me for the triangle. I couldn't figure out how to do it. Then he yells attack the arm because I am now sitting on the dudes head and he can't go anywhere. I just looked at the arm and was like ok now what. Fabio then yelled keylock, uhm ok I threaded my arm through his arm backwards so that didn't work. Well I wasn't going to let such a dominant position go to waste so I slapped a wrist lock on the dude for a submission. Very funny.

I was so, so, so happy with my conditioning. There wasn't a single time that I was out of gas and that absolutely amazed me. I haven't been doing any met-con at all in the last 3 months and when I was working from the guard my legs felt incredible. All I can say is strength is the absolute equator.
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